Described as “High-Octane Rocky Mountain DanceGrass”, Whitewater Ramble (WWR) uses a simple recipe to craft it’s sound: start with bluegrass instrumentation, add drums, and finish with a boundary-less approach to grassing-up everything from disco house grooves to roots to Americana.

2018 – Westword Magazine – Named One of the 10 Best Colorado Bluegrass Artists alongside the legendary Hot Rize and Leftover Salmon.

2019 – LA Music Video Awards Winner of “Best Music Video” and “Most Dramatic Music Video”

“Whitewater Ramble effortlessly shifts scenery: just when you think you’re nicely settled in on a hay bale at the hoedown, there’ll be a hint of Latin-flavored vibe eased into the mix … and then they flip the blinker on to make a hard left into Memphis — or throw on their RayBans and get all late-night jazzbo on you.” — Relix

“Intense-funky-dance-grass is the most accurate description of Whitewater Ramble. It is not so easy to categorize this band, for they jam between distinct musical categories. Although one would believe impetuously that Whitewater’s style is simply bluegrass, a closer listen shows it to be quite complex and varied.” – Hittin’ The Note – Derek Siegel

“WWR have their feet planted in more than one world. More than two if you count such things and sometimes all at the same time! No matter which world you prefer; bluegrass, rock, electronica or the myriad combinations, WWR will take you there on a fantastic ride!” – Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth

“The pure energy emanating from this band is reason enough to fall madly in love from the first note” – The Spot Magazine


3 days ago

WhiteWater Ramble

Last day to log a vote for out music video nominations for the L.A. Music Video Awards

Kentucky Windage is up for 2 awards
-Most Dramatic
-Social Commentary

Chaw is up for Comedic Video of the Year

Find the category, click the thumb next to our video to have your vote counted.


Hint: you can vote once per day so even if you voted yesterday you can vote again today.
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4 days ago

WhiteWater Ramble

WhiteWater Ramble NEEDS your vote! Nominations for the LA Music Video Award. whitewaterramble.fanbridge.com/campaigns/show.php?id=1558193&src=facebook ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

WhiteWater Ramble

Our video for "Chaw!" is also 2020 Nominee for the L.A. Music Video Awards in the comedy category. 1/3 of the criteria is fan vote so we could use your help to click the thumbs up and turn it green for us! We won the Best and Most Dramatic categoties in 2019 and also nominated for Most Dramatic again this year with Kentucky Windage.
Watch and vote here:
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